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This woman left us without excuses | Video

From time to time we like to remember the famous Masako Wakamiya, the 85-year-old Japanese woman who at 81 learned to program and developed an application for mobile devices.

The news has already gone around the world a couple of times and it is possible that you already knew Mrs. Wakamiya, what's more; she already has a second app in the stores.

However, what we most want to highlight today about this inspiring woman, above the obvious message that it is never too late to learn, is that she calls herself an evangelizer of technology, because her application and history have promoted the use of mobile devices. among older people in their country, who now not only access to play video games but also to communicate with their families and access their health system, an inspiration for those of us who work bringing technology and development to all corners of Latin America.

To finish we want to invite you to watch his Ted talk and share it with your friends, colleagues and employees.


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