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Technology, education and the future 🤔

We know that the Latin American people face innumerable educational challenges, including the access gap, not only are thousands of children in rural areas unable to get to school, but those who can get to receive an education that may not prepare them for the world to come for them.

Seeing it from this perspective, all the companies that are part of the technology distribution chain contribute to it becoming more widespread and reaching many more corners of the territory at a better price.

It should be noted that the local governments in each country make efforts to reduce this gap that we talked about before, where we also have an enormous contribution as an industry, since we are suppliers of large state purchases.

Let’s review some of the ways in which technology influences the education of our young people:

  1. Long distance education

  2. Democratization of access to classes

  3. Early education in robotics, programming and 3D printing

  4. Personalized monitoring of student progress

  5. Access to educational software

In this way, not only do we have to continue working hard as an industry to continue bringing technology and the future to our region, but we also measure the importance of prioritizing the quality, useful life, and performance of the devices that we put in our stores.

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