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5G in Latin America?

We are frequent users of the famous website estatista, we use a lot of your data to make some decisions on Wireless Next, and we came across an interesting graphic that we want to review with you:

We are seeing the growth projection of the value of 5G infrastructure globally between 2019 with 982 million dollars and 2030 with a projected value of 131.4 billion dollars.

Said growth would make many technology wholesalers think that the future is to invest in devices with 5G connection capacity because they are the ones that the public will want to consume, however other statistics that we consulted we understood that in Latin America this migration from 4G to 5G will have its own dynamics:

According to the website, by 2025 in Latin America the migration to this new technology will barely reach 12% and very surely by that date many mid-range and mid-low range devices with 4G connectivity are still being marketed, which will have an average lifespan of Useful for up to 5 more years.

In fact, today we have not reached 80% 4G coverage, except in countries like Chile and Uruguay, so in a certain way 4G devices continue and will continue to be the ones with the highest sales volume, and very surely little by little. They will begin to have more competitive prices.

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