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Brief history of women's day

We all know the story of that emblematic and disastrous fire in the Triangle Shirtwaist building in New York, where more than a hundred women lost their lives on March 25, 1911.

However, the commemoration of International Women's Day dates back to the 19th century. On March 8, 1857, women workers in the clothing industry organized a strike in New York City, demanding fairer wages and better working conditions. humanitarian, said strike was unsuccessful and these women were detained by the police in response to the start of the protest.

Two years later they created a union to work more legally for their rights.

But only 51 years later they organized a massive strike of more than 15,000 unionized women, demanding fewer working hours, the right to vote, prohibiting child labor, among others, and they also achieved that a year later, on February 28, 1909, the in the United States for the first time on International Women's Day, two years before the fateful fire in NY.

Later in 1917, just because of the fall of the Russian monarchy, many women protested in the same way and for the same reasons as women in the West, and managed to get the temporary government to grant women the vote, on February 23, 1917 , according to the Julian calendar, or March 8, according to the Gregorian calendar.

However, beyond the details of history, we want to remember that these struggles continue, despite the fact that women today make the most significant contributions in all industries, as the official website of the International Women's Day reports in this report. women, regarding the contribution to the technology industry.

We invite you to be part of the change from your position, we can all contribute in some way, we also want to invite you to watch this video that the official organization of the event presented on its YouTube channel

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