Brand Assets

The logo and other distinctive elements of Wireless Next Inc. are designed to interact with the communications of the brands we distribute, so that it must be represented that meets the style guidelines of the brand in question, only in this case the logo can be used in white.

If you use the Wireless Next logo with a different brand than the one we distribute, this graphic piece should be supervised by our communications team or you should avoid the following situations:

Makes the Wireless Next brand the most distinctive or prominent feature.
Implies partnership, sponsorship or endorsement.
Puts the brand in a negative context as part of a script or storyline.

Keep the name Wireless Next as two words and with the first letter in capital letters, do not modify, abbreviate or translate.


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White Version

Required 2x clear space is indicated by orange line.


1x=height and width of the logo.


Recurso 1mdpi.png

C: 85,7

M: 6,54

Y: 5,22

K: 0

R: 74

G: 104

B: 173

Pantone 021c

C: 61,14

M: 0

Y: 86,39

K: 0


G: 189

B: 91


We have organized our typographic family in Regular, Medium and Bold versions, to be downloaded.

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